Coir Geotextile

Coir as a natural organic product is arganically biodegradable. The Fiber is hard and strong and decomposes slowly, making it perfectly suited for use in Geotextiles. Coir Geotextiles provide good support on slopes for about five years and there is no need for post-installation work. Coir Geotextiles is developed by the Coir Board of India.

The world has today accepted Coir Geo textiles and acknowledges its effectiveness. Coir Geotextiles, used in many kinds of applications like Slope Stabilisation, Controling Soil Erosion, Road and Rail Embarkments, River Embarkments, Landscape Areas etc.,

Classification of Coir Geotextiles:

a) Coir mesh mattings of two - shaft weave

  • Simplest form of Geotextiles
  • Manufactured by either traditional handlooms or in the Anugraha looms
  • Openings between the strands give the grass or vegetation Plenty of growing room
  • Appropriate for erosion control applications


Designation Type of Warp Yarn Type of Weft yarn Mass Kg/m2
ΜMA1 (H2MI) Anjengo Vycome 0.650
ΜMB1 (H2M2) Beach Beach 0.700
MMR1 (Η2Μ3) Aratory Aratory 0.875
ΜΜΑ2 (Η2M4) Anjengo Aratory 1.400
MMVI (H2M5) Vycome Vycome 0.740

Designation Type of Warp Yarn Type of Weft yarn Mass Kg/m2
MMV2 (H2M6) Vycome Vycome 0.400
MMY1 (H2M7) Beypore Beyρore 1.250
ΜΜA3 (H2M8) Anjengo Aratory 0.700
ΜΜA4 (Η2Μ9) Anjengo Aratory 0.900
ΜΜΑ5 (Η2Μ10) Anjengo Anjengo 1.300

b) Coir woven fabric with loop construction

  • Weaving using the loop mat technique
  • Product made with loop construction
  • Manufactured in rolls
  • Appropriate for soil stabilization & erosion control










Weft Tight Binding


SPL L7 Vycome Vycome Vycome Vycome 5 10 1300
SPL L8 Vycome Vycome Quilady Vycome 4 8 1600
SPL L9 Beach Beach Beach Beach 5 5 1200


c) Coir bags made with latex backed coir matting

  • The bags are stitched with the latex facing inwards
  • Withstands powerful waves apposite for sea erosion
  • Normal size is 6ft by 4ft



a) Coco Logs

Coir Logs are strong and flexible and designed to aid in stabilization and re-vegetation of erosion prone sea shores. Tubular netting with compact rolls of coir fiber web covered by coir mesh. Coir logs are often used on steep slopes or areas with exposure to waves or currents which cause instability on a site.

b) Coir fiber beds

  • Pouch shaped with mesh matting packed by way of coir fibre
  • Used as wave energy dissipaters
  • Thickness varies from 10 cms to 25 cms as per requirement

c) Coir needled felt

Coir fibers are rolled into sheets to form Coir Needle Felt Material. This material has wide range of application. Pad shape prepared by interlocking coir fiber through needle punching. Appropriate for cost effective acoustic control, air & water filtration and thermal insulation